How do you know if you are a ‘hard gainer’? It is one of those almost-impossible-to-define terms. It can be as loose as to include Ronnie Coleman, and as precise as to apply to technically no one. You can look at the search results for “hard gainers and it would still be difficult to work out if you are one or not. In this article you are going to look at the phenomenon of the hard gainer slightly differently. All you have to do is answer the following questions honestly, and then you can find out if you are a hard gainer or not.

Ask yourself honestly: is your diet up to the job?

Many trainers do not take in either enough fuel or the right type of fuel to build a strong physique. Growth of any muscular mass is difficult in their body, because their diets are simply too deficient in nutrients. Their meals often resemble little more than a fad diet, or three square meals plus a protein shake of some sort in between. Others think that bodybuilders exist via pills and powders and that food itself is of secondary importance, and, as a result, their diets seem to serve only to keep supplement companies in business.

Ask yourself: have you tried any properly structured routines and, if so, is that routine really appropriate?

Did you take enough time to learn the correct form and improve your technique before you tried to shift as much poundage as you could? Do you and your workout buddy get two body parts trained per session (the one is being trained and the other to help the former one lift the weight)? Have you actually been in the free weights section yet? The point is this – successful regimes that build muscle and strength are based around the same basics, whatever their ultimate goal. These are compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bench presses and so on.

Ask yourself: are you getting enough sleep?

Are you asking too much of your body? Are you sacrificing your sleep to rush to your super stressful job, then run to hit the gym, and then stay out till late socialising? Sacrificing your sleep every night would have negative impact on your progress. Sleep is crucial and if you are not getting enough of it then you are not going anywhere.

So, take these points in consideration and hit the gym with new motivation.