When you need vacation, you can come to Denpasar and go to Denpasar tourist attractions. Denpasar is the name of a city near Kuta, Bali. When you hear the word “Bali”, surely stretch of beach with white sand will appear in your imagination. Bali is a beach paradise with amazing beauty. However, it is still not widely known that in Bali, Denpasar is worthy of being your tourist destination other than Kuta. In Denpasar, you can also visit the beach with beautiful scenery, just like in Kuta. In addition, in Denpasar there are also many cultural and cultural sites that will be very memorable for your vacation.

Many Denpasar tourist attractions spots will make you enjoy your vacation in Bali.In Denpasar you can visit the conservation of mangrove forests, art museums, historical monuments, beautiful beaches, cultural and artistic centers, and much more. When you are on holiday to Denpasar, there is complete accommodation to support you during your stay in Denpasar. There is an inn with typical Balinese architecture, a restaurant that provides local cuisine, public transport, massage and spa, equipment rental, and much more. Tourist attraction that became the center of attention in Denpasar itself some of them as follows.

  • Art, History, and Culture in Bali Museum

The museum became one of the famous museums in Bali. So many who know the Bali museum as a museum that presents a variety of art. In addition to art in the museum is also taught a culture that is now being embraced by the people of Bali.

  • Traces of History in Bajra Sandhi Renon

Bajra Sandhi Senon is a tourist place in the form of a monument built solidly to commemorate the hard struggle of the people of Bali. Bajra Sandhi Renon is a place well known for its carving art which is a typical architecture show from Denpasar.

  • Various Art in Art Center Bali

Art Center Bali is a tourist place that presents various cultures in Bali specifically related to Balinese dance. Art Center Bali is the perfect place for you to visit especially those who love the art of traditional dance.

  • Beautiful Scenery in Kintanami

Kintamani is an area that presents a variety of uniqueness from a panorama that is very interesting. Kintamani is a tourist attraction not far from the center of Denpasar; it is at least about 5 kilometer.

  • Visit Our Cute Friends at Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is a tourist attraction located in Denpasar that memeperkenalkan various collections of animals that exist in Indonesia. In that place, you can visit and feed the animals, take pictures and choose the various souvenirs available there.

If you want your vacation more convenient may be you hire Denpasar tourist attractions guide. With a guide, you can better determine where you are going to visit. You can also get references to interesting places to visit more clearly. Vacationing in Denpasar certainly will not make you regret. With a complete tourist accommodation, your tour will be comfortable, interesting, and memorable.