With fashionable designs, smart innovative features and a user-friendly control panel the range of Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will offer you a high performance & convenient latest technology experience. Such an experience of a perfect phone with reigning speed is powered by innovative technologies like Snapdragon 845, Ultracapacitor battery, Exynos chipset and progressive features such as a Stunning display, Smart AI, innovative sensors and much more.

With Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung has achieved a great success. The Audio sector of Galaxy S8+ is impressive to a great extent. The only absence to be recorded in the audio sector must impossibility of having to deal with a stereo system. The only Mono loudspeaker is in solution, and is positioned next to the USB Type-C at the bottom can cause problems in landscape mode of use during the game sessions, given that it will not be difficult to go to clog the exit grid with our hand. According to the Korean publications, Galaxy S9 will make you gleam by furnishing a stereo speaker positioned at the top of the display.

What’s better than having a booming, pleasant-hearing loud speaker on your phablet? There’s no denying that a nice set of stereo speakers in a smartphone’s front take activities like playing games, watching movies, and, non-essential to say, listening to music, to an entire modern level. Galaxy S9 will provide you a grand entertainment, releasing next year.

However, the sound output in Galaxy S8+ is truly exceptional and not betrays both the low and high frequencies. Missing, however, support the reception of the frequencies on the FM band. Regarding calls, both transmit and receive voice are always clear and full-bodied. The voice production will be all the more effective with our upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 technology. You ask how? According to an industry insider, the S9 technology senses the background noises conditions and automatically suppresses it and covers the highly important frequencies. The result is a thoroughly and smoothly Ultra HD voice quality.  In Galaxy S8, there is a 32-bit digital-to-analog converter. The inbuilt digital-to-analog converter of Galaxy S9 will add further efficiency, improvement, and refinement to the sound quality.

 IRIS Scanner, in particular, has been seen already in Notes 7 times, and allows an accurate scanning even in the absence of adequate lighting, although it is always necessary to awaken the terminal in order to access the functions. Here’s occurred a problem. Iris scanner is unable to work in the bright sunlight or when wearing glasses. Let’s see, Will the Samsung Company be able to bring a new change in the technology by bringing its Galaxy S9 in the race. The removal of this issue is not an easy task. Will the Samsung with more than 100 years of expertise in its innovative gadgets be able to bring you a miracle technology with its upcoming Galaxy S9 that will make the iris scanner perfectly work during bright sunlight? It’s really a challenging task for Samsung.

Source: EdgeGalaxyS9.com