To get into shape, you usually stay on a strict diet and training schedule. Of course, it works every time, but if you want to accelerate your journey of muscle gains; it is advisable to take some muscle building supplements.

Here under are 5 best supplements for muscle gain that are highly recommended by nutritionists and trainers all over the world.

Whey protein

Obviously, when it comes to best supplements for muscle gain, the first thing we have to mention is whey protein. We all know that protein is the foundation for muscle gains, and therefore, it’s of great importance to provide enough protein when you aim to build muscles.

Whey protein is so popular for muscle building plan because it can be quickly shuttled into muscles to boost the growth in the size of the muscles. The muscles could work best if you take whey protein after training and in the morning after waking up and before breakfast.

Branch chain amino acids

As a primary supplement for muscle gain, BCAAs should be on the top of your list. BCAA does a great job in improving muscle destiny and the recovery rate of muscle tissues. Especially, the BCAAs have to be taken through our daily food intake.


Creatine is the top choice for many athletes all over the world when they need to train hard and want to boost muscle growth and strength. The natural creatine is produced in our kidneys, liver, and pancreas and before being moved to muscle tissues where it works to stimulate muscle growth and strength.

Unfortunately, the amount of creatine within our body is not enough for massive muscle growth.  Hence, it is essential for you to take the supplement if you are staying in a muscle building plan.

Omega 3

It is widely known that Omega 3 fatty acids can assist blood circulation, which enables nutrients like proteins to access muscles tissues and maximize their effects. Also, Omega 3 could act to increase fat loss by maximizing metabolic rate.

For the supplement, it is highly recommended that you take Omega 3 from fish oil, which is the most concentrated and purest and supplies you the perfect rate of Omega 3.

Vitamin and mineral

In fact, vitamin and mineral don’t directly support muscle gain, but they improve cellular conditions under which muscles perform and grow, so you still need to take vitamin and mineral if you want to build muscles.

You may take natural vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. However, because of increased soil pollution and food processing, it is nearly impossible to take the ideal amount of vitamin and mineral, and therefore, it is advisable for you to use vitamin and mineral supplements.


If you hope to get into shape, besides a strict diet and fitness schedule, try some muscle building muscle supplements. Believe me; it is worth try and paying money. Based on your purpose, you could choose an appropriate supplement:

  • Whey protein: increase the size of muscle
  • BCAAs: improve muscle destiny and recovery rate
  • Creating: increase muscle growth and strength
  • Omega 3: assist blood circulation and increase fat loss
  • Vitamin and mineral: improve cellular circulation