The Chinese food halal Medan  is a unique delicacy you must try when you visit to Medan. In the city of Medan, there is a street that contains a row of business that offers variety of Chinese food and tantalizing market snacks. The street name is Selat Panjang which is often visited by local people and tourists who visit Medan. Here, you can walk along the road and choose the variety of food that was offered. Though, not all Chinese food that you meet along the street was a stall with an outdoor dining area. There is also many restaurants that provides a comfortable indoor dining area air conditioning.

If you are traveling to Medan, trying the typical Chinese food in Medan will certainly be a unique experience. But maybe for those of you who a Moslem would hesitated to try culinary here. The reason is because we know that some Chinese dishes use ingredients that are forbidden to be eaten in the teachings of Islam. But you do not need to worry because here are also some restaurants that provide typical Chinese cuisine but using halal food ingredients. It’s just that you may need to be smart and careful in choosing and observing Chinese food halal Medan menu.

  1. Pay attention to the restaurant billboard / restaurant sign

If you want to find a Chinese restaurant that uses halal food, you can pay attention to the restaurant billboard or restaurant sign when you first arrive. Some (but not all) restaurants that provide a Chinese menu with halal ingredients will sign halal on the restaurant billboard or restaurant sign.

  1. Pay attention to the menu

If you have been sitting at the desk, you can pay attention to the menu you are reading. At a restaurant that provides Chinese cuisine with halal ingredients will give a halal sign on the menu. Another alternative way is to look at the ingredients used to cook the food on the menu. That way, you can tell which foods fit your preferences and which ones do not fit your preferences.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask the waiters

If both ways above fail, you can openly ask this to the waiter. You can ask whether the materials used are halal, or ask in a more subtle way by asking the ingredients used for cooking. Surely you will get an answer from the waiter you ask.

  1. Get some Recommendations

In addition to the previously mentioned ways, you can also search for recommendations of Chinese cuisine restaurants in Medan that provide food with halal ingredients. Certainly there will be many recommendations that you find when you search for it. Thus, you will also at once more easily find a restaurant destination to enjoy the Chinese dishes.

You need to believe that there were actually many Chinese food halal Medan dishes you can find when you on culinary tour in Medan. Although not all restaurants that provide Chinese cuisine provide food with halal ingredients in cooking, but you can still easily find this restaurant. All you need is thoroughness and observation in the search.