The slot machines in various arcades offer a lot of options for the gamblers. These games are time consuming and often one has to commute to the casino for such games. There are people who want to enjoy such games but would not make time to run to the casinos physically. These people are welcome to the games that can be played online. The name Clockwork Oranges is cute and it is played in the 5 reel slot with 20 pay lines. You can start playing this game online to check out if it suits your gaming instinct. You can start with the Demo version and then see if the fun is good for your platter.

Game for fun online

The same name of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was given to a book written by Anthony Burgess and it came in the market in 1962. It is about turning a human into a programmable robot but in disguise of a vibrant life maker. The game has got no connection to this book or its characters though. You can think of making some real dough by playing this fun game. You can start Clockwork Oranges from your own home when you can spare some time. It has got its own taste of variety and high payouts.

Awards for winner

If you visit the online games sites or the digital casinos as they are called, you will find the slot games to be just made out for you. This is a gambling game that is from the company named Novomatic and you can win an award up to 500x of your bet. There are cards from A to 9 and there are symbols too for playing this game. The wild symbol has to land till five times on any one of the 20 paylines to give make you the award winner. You get coins up to 4100, 1000 or even to the number of 10,000 as award.

Slot machines in casinos

Initially the slot machines were started with coins – when one used to insert coins in the large machines. The reels used to spin and the player used to operate it with the lever. The English prefers to call it fruit machines and the Clockwork game is one of the favorite of the players. Nowadays people do not have much time to pick up their way towards the casinos and so slot machine games have gone digital. The online games are easier as you have to open your account with the site and then get your password set.

Setting up account and winning

You will get all the information regarding the games in your account inbox and your winning amount will also be safe in your account. The game can be controlled from the control panel at the bottom of the page and you will have to get familiar with the different buttons before you start the game. You will have to choose the pay lines of the Clockwork Oranges game and then start to win your lady luck. There are some symbols and a clock in the game. The hands of the clock take a big part in your winning the bonus. These can give you a bonus amounting to 100x of your bet. So it is your spare time and the winning spree that can give you the laugh of the day.