The GRE, GMAT, and LSAT: acronyms you need to know for top marks and entrance into your dream program. While your personal statement paints a picture of who you are as an individual, and your letters of recommendation can attest to your academic or professional achievements, your score on these entrance exams is one of the strongest indicators of your practical abilities. It’s time to prepare your application for the fall, but as you begin to study, remember that the best test prep in Toronto means you don’t need to go it alone.

Hitting the Books

GRE prep is often synonymous with flashcards and multiple practice exams, not to mention familiarizing yourself with the analytical writing section. There’s no denying these steps are important, but for real success, it might be time to work with an instructor. Face-to-face interaction makes a dramatic difference in our ability to learn and retain information. It’s personal contact, of course, but it also helps to get feedback in real time. A personal assessment before you begin a class gives the instructor a feel for your learning style and gives you an introduction to the instructor’s approach.

Take Time to Prepare

It may feel intimidating, even downright daunting, to think about what’s required to prepare for the exam – especially for the LSAT, which has a notorious reputation. But when you work with a qualified instructor, you gain a fresh perspective into the content on the exam, not to mention the assurance that a study plan has already been developed. The instructors at Quantum Test Prep all scored in the top 2-3 percentile on these tests, and they bring that expertise to bear on their curriculum and instruction time.

Studying alone can be an incredibly scattershot approach – a few minutes on the bus here, an hour after dinner here. But in a course that covers the material in up to 100 hours of class time, you know that you’re approaching the test content systematically and thoroughly. In case you don’t quite reach your score goal the first time you take the test, there is always a six-month free course repeat guarantee, so you’re even more prepared the next time you take it.

Achieve Balance

While studying alone can be an isolating experience, participating in an individual tutoring session, small class, or group workshop is an excellent way to bond with your fellow students as you each meet and exceed your personal goals. This kind of human interaction can even help your score by reducing stress – especially since classes at better test prep services can be scheduled for the weekend, giving you more balance during the week. GMAT experts recommend focusing on the areas where you need the most improvement; a class can help you focus on these while refining the skills you’re most proficient in.

Get More Face Time

Looking for even more assistance building a study plan for the GMAT, GRE, or LSAT? The best test prep in Toronto also offers mock exams, trial classes, and verbal and math refreshers. These are a great way to refine your skills, especially right before you’re scheduled to take the test. Achieving your top score is possible, and it starts with working together.