A series of organized hacking attempts in Ukraine gained everyone’s attention when thousands of computers in more than 60 countries were attacked in an attempt to steal critical user information.  The government is up on its toes to catch all the culprits and put them behind bars as soon as possible.

It all started in last June when a series of cyber attacks were reported in Ukraine. The officials investigating this matter came to know that hackers had targeted thousands of computers from at least 60 different countries. They also found out that the hackers had transferred more than £8000 worth of bitcoins from one of their main accounts to another. Later it was revealed that this was the same account which hackers used for ransom in the past.

Are They Interested In Settlement?

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A note found in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine claimed that hackers were interested in stepping down in exchange for a one-time payment of £200,000. Many said it was a lame attempt to make some quick cash; however, a team of researchers closely investigating this case claimed that the ransom demand was just to divert everyone’s attention from the main issue. In reality, hackers wanted to create panic among local people and businesses and stop them from living a normal life.

The Road Ahead

Many businesses which got affected due to this cyber attack have come out and raised their voices. Even though they have lost their clients and a significant amount of money, they want to cooperate with the police so that the culprits good put behind bars without any further delay. So far, the police have collected a handful of evidence about the hackers. They are confident that the hackers will not be able to roam free for a long time. One of the investigating officers has assured the public that the hackers will be put behind bars for a minimum of three years. This duration can be further extended based on the consequences of their past deeds.

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