Is it inconvenient to attend a meeting with colleagues, employees or clients from remote places? Is the cost of flight tickets and accommodation beyond your budget? Plenty of works are restrained due to the area factor, especially for transnational corporations whose headquarter is far away from the other branches scattered worldwide. In order to reduce budget, save time, or even get over the space limit, video conferencing is a fine choice for companies. From this aspect, video conference software undoubtedly is the most simple and convenient option. So you may ask “what is the best video conferencing software?”, now ezTalks Meetings, one of the best free video conference call software, aims to offer you premium solution with high quality outputs and stunning face to face meeting effect. From online meeting to training and even webinar, this top video conference software makes working closely so easy.

  1. HD Video & Clear Audio

To start with, the best video conferencing system ought to possess two basic requirements, clear video and audio outputs. ezTalks Meetings owns up to 1920*1080p full high definition video and crystal distinct audio that guarantee the smooth communication of an online meeting, and you can obtain more comprehensive understanding through real expressions and gestures from the other parties in the face to face talks with this software.

  1. Real-time Screen & Whiteboard Sharing

Besides the direct talks during the meeting, ezTalks Meetings supports to share your screen as well as whiteboard to the meeting participants. With assistance of annotation tools (pencil, highlighter,eraser etc. ), you are able to demonstrate ideas on the whiteboard vividly and real-time share it or let the attendees view your screen firsthand to partake in the file, PPT and so on. It is one of the best group video conferencing software for training and meeting ever.

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  1. Cross Platform Supported

Users can sign in to the ezTalks Meetings through a Facebook or Google account directly, having no occasion to register anymore. Moreover, your account data will be synchronized and compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS or Android system devices. From desktop to phone, just carry any one of the terminals to attend a conference as you want!

  1. Schedule a Meeting.

For ezTalks Meetings, not only the user can start an instant meeting, but schedule a future meeting ahead of time. You just need to mark out participants of the meeting then the system will inform them of this event through email automatically. Plan in advance, all jobs run orderly.

  1. Flawless Recording & Playback

No matter what types of applications, online meeting, live broadcasting, telecommuting, telemedicine or educational training, the host is able to record entire process or segment flawlessly for guidance playback or share to others later. Never miss any wonderful moment!

  1. Instant Group & Private Message.

Face to face video is not the only way of communication in ezTalks Meetings, user can also chat in words with group participants or private one to one, which built-in emoticons further add some emotion to the content. This intimate function largely protect user’s privacy for something confidential, especially for company conference.

  1. Independent Meeting Control.

The host of a meeting can keep the meeting room in order underway the meeting via features of mute or unmute audio/video, presenter permission, room locking and attendee kicking etc. With this mastery, there is no more worry of confused video conference no matter how the participants far away from you!

To hold upscale video conferences, the key features mentioned above are indispensable of an excellent meeting software. However, supporting up to 100 participants with unlimited number of meetings, the functions of free ezTalks Meetings far exceed the referred items. Larger capability of holding up to 10,000 participants as well as much more brilliant customized functions are waiting for you to experience in on-premise package version. ezTalks Meetings, the best free video conferencing collaboration solution for you!