Sweatshirts were invented for the purpose of basic training. Even now this purpose holds quite true with respect to the sweatshirts. Almost all the men and women wear sweatshirts equally. There are many unisex sweatshirts which can be worn by both the men and women. There are basically three types of sweatshirts. They are listed below:

  • Pullover-type
  • Zippered-type
  • Athletic-type

The pullovers and zippered sweatshirts are generally made of layered cotton or cotton or even the cotton-polyester blends. The athletic type of sweatshirt on the other hand is made of lightweight fabric materials.

Before buying a sweatshirt you should know about the various types of sweatshirts available in the market. Let us discuss each of the above-mentioned types of sweatshirts in detail.


This type of sweatshirt is worn by pulling it over the torso. Typically they are manufactured from heavy-duty cotton or cotton-polyester blend. The main purpose of wearing a sweatshirt is to offer the functionality it intends to. Men generally wear sweatshirts for their outdoor activities like the sports, fishing, hunting, etc.


The material used in manufacturing the athletic sweatshirts includes lightweight and synthetic fabric that can work well in humid and windy conditions. You will find the athletic sweatshirts along with the sweat pants. They are worn by the athletes and people while exercising in the gym or performing any other athletic activity.


The zippered sweatshirts have to be worn as a jacket and not like that of the pullovers. The zip can be left open or fastened up to the collar or halfway through the zip. They give a casual look when worn with casual style t-shirts or jeans.

All the above-mentioned types of sweatshirts come with or without hoods. Those that come with hoods attached to them prove to be very useful for men who wish to protect their sensitive body parts above the shoulder like the nose and the ears from the cold and wind. Hoodies are considered to be the most fashionable style of sweatshirts these days.

There are a wide variety of sweatshirts available on the online shopping websites like the bewakoof.com, flipkart.com, amazon.com, etc. You should look for the following points when buying a sweatshirt:


Sweatshirts form an important layer in the winter clothing. You should look for the properties like fleece lining, deep pockets, thick material, and warm ribbed cuffs. When you need to dress in multiple layers, sweatshirts form a very important layer to provide warmth.


Fabrics which provide the best warmth have the best breathability too. Those that do not have breathability lose their warmth over time. It forms a special feature for the athletic sweatshirts as they need to shed weight while performing the athletic activities.


Look for the right style before buying a sweatshirt. Solid grey melange and the jet black sweatshirts are in trend these days. These colours are like by both the men and women alike.


Sweatshirts are never very tight fitted. You should consider the shrinkage of the cotton material before buying the sweatshirt. If you are buying it online always go for a size that is half size larger than your normal size. Sweatshirts should fit loosely around the chest, shoulders, and arm but at the same time they should not be too baggy.

Now that you know the points to be kept in mind before buying a sweatshirt, grab yours soon.