The used cars market in India is growing at almost the same rate as the new cars market today. The growth has been almost neck to neck and the numbers are quite encouraging. Experts predict that things are only going to improve in the next few years.

So why are so many people looking to buy used cars today? If you are scouting for cars it is natural for you to ask should I buy used car in Bangalore. Here are the reasons why we feel you should.

  • Lower Priced

Compared to the new car, the used cars are priced lower. You don’t have to pay for all that fancy anti rust coating or high-end upholstery since the earlier owner of the car has borne those costs. In fact, you can find a used car in an excellent condition for far less a price than a brand new one.

  • Good Condition

Many dealers and online marketplaces are selling used cars that are inspected and certified for use. If you opt to buy a certified car, you can be rest assured that you are getting a car that is fit for use and is not damaged in any way.

  • Warranties on Parts

When you buy a used car from the original manufacturer then the car is thoroughly serviced and whatever parts need replacement are also replaced. In this case, you get to enjoy the warranty on these parts.

  • Lower Depreciation Loss

The depreciation of a new car is higher since the purchase price is higher. But in used car you don’t lose that much in depreciation since your purchase price is lower.

  • Easy Finance Availability

You can easily get a loan from a bank or a financial institution to buy a used car.