NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training has set the standard for the educational systems in India. India is a country that gives utmost importance to the educational development of the population. Various syllabus regimes are available in India for the betterment of the students in the country. There is the State syllabus system which is brought into use by the Indian government itself. NCERT    is also a part of the government which takes major actions regarding the educational issues in India. The aim of NCERT in India is to provide a quality educational system. India being so diverse regarding culture and diversity, NCERT makes their textbooks in many Indian languages. Marathi is one of them. Since the NCERT caters to a wide variety of languages in India, their textbooks are available in various Indian languages.

With NCERT having a prominent online presence they have made all their textbooks free and easy to download as eBooks. This has become a boon to all students in India as NCERT textbooks are available from class I to XII under the norms of CBSE. Now students who do not have access to a hard copy or having incomplete or damaged textbooks can easily avail the services of NCERT’s online website.

NCERT makes textbooks in various Indian languages, and this is a comprehensive guide on how to download NCERT textbooks in Marathi. NCERT textbooks are commonly available in English, Hindi, and Marathi. For downloading NCERT textbooks in Marathi, there are also various other websites available. But nothing comes close to the authentic website that NCERT provides on getting NCERT textbooks in Marathi. The various steps to be followed on how to download NCERT textbooks in Marathi are given as follows

#1 Open the link

This link is a direct link to the NCERT’s textbook page. When opening up the link, you can see the various platforms on which the textbooks are available.

  • As you can see the first option is about the NCERT’s smartphone application. The app has all the NCERT textbooks available in EPUB format (electronic publication format) that can be download on to your android, iOS or windows smartphone devices. This ensures that you have your textbooks on the go and available anytime on your smartphone.
  • The second option is viable when you are using a PC or a laptop to avail their services. This option will help you in getting textbooks as flipbooks so that you can have a present experience viewing them on your PC or laptop.

#2 the NCERT Mobile app            

If you have chosen to go with the mobile app, click the OS your smartphone is operation on. NCERT    app is available in the most used smartphone operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows. Clicking the operating system listed will take you to the respective app store, and you can download the ‘ePathshala’ app. This app is carefully laid out and optimized to give students an uncluttered and easy UI experience.

From here you can select the class and language which will show you the available textbooks for that standard. So on startup, if you choose Marathi then all NCERT textbooks in Marathi will be listed. The Marathi textbooks and all other textbooks can be either viewed online or taken offline as per your convenience

#3 the NCERT ePathshala Desktop site

If you don’t want the mobile app, then you have the option to download the textbooks from their website via PC or a laptop. Click the SECOND OPTION which will take you to the ePathshala website. From there you can see the available textbooks in NCERT syllabus.

For getting the NCERT  textbooks in Marathi;

  • Select the class, from the filter bar.
  • After you selected the class, select the subject you need to download.
  • After you have selected the subject, select the title of the book. When you select the subject, you can see that the same subject has different titles for the language it is written in. You must choose the Marathi title to get your NCERT textbook in the Marathi language.

After this process is done, you can either read it online or click the download button so that your download starts in pdf format and you can view it with any pdf reader.