The date for UPSC exam 2018 has already been declared. So, you are left with just six months to go and the time is flying. Starting preparation at this point of time is risky but if you have your basics clear, then it’s worth taking the risk. Here are few tips for your 6 months strategy for UPSC exam and clearing it in the first attempt.

1.     Sound knowledge about the syllabus and the pattern (month 1)

The first step of the UPSC exam is the Prelims and you don’t need to get into depth of each and every subject. This doesn’t means that you have to mug up the things. Strategic Reading is the key to success.  Make sure that the optional subject you choose is something which interests you. Selecting a subject which makes you feel bored or sleepy, if definitely suicidal. This is the time when you have to make sure that you have all the study material available and you have a well-defined timetable.

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2.     Know your strengths and weaknesses (month 2)

By this time, you would have easily done your SWOT analysis. You still have sufficient time to work on the weaker areas or the areas which require improvement. Give some extra time to the subject you feel that needs more effort. In case you are facing any doubt, you can approach the experts either online or offline. Or you can also watch online tutorials to clear your concepts.

3.     Thorough with NCERT books (month 3)

By this time you should have completed all the NCERT books and should have started practicing the MCQs. In case you are still left with some untouched areas, increase your time duration and cover them fast. You can also take help the digital technology such as apps. There are many apps available in the online marketplace for free. These are worth downloading and will help you to study smartly.

4.     Join Mock Tests (month 4)

Now, just 3 months are left. Start solving the previous year question banks and papers. If possible join some online mock tests or enroll into some excellent coaching centers. By giving mock tests, you will be able to understand the exact pattern followed and understand the pressure of the exam. In the meanwhile don’t forget to read the newspapers every day for getting in touch with the current affairs.

5.     Revise, Revise and Revise (month 5 till exam)

Revision is the key to success. Forget everything as just only one month is left. Gear up your motivation levels and stay positive.  No need to touch a new part this time as, the time you devote to the untouched area will eat up the time for your revision.

Take proper sleep before the exam so that you stay fresh the next morning.  It’s the day when your hard work is at test. Stay positive and seek the blessings of elders and god before leaving for exam hall. All the Best!!