Incentives are expected to work wonders but they don’t have the desired impact in every scenario. Cash incentives are often deemed better than gifts by most employees but many firms look for partnerships, for instance with retail and hospitality chains for shopping vouchers and food coupons,  to reduce the burden on their ledger. Most incentives have a specific purpose and they are not equally effective. However, free breakfast to get workers into office earlier than usual has become a hit among some firms in Singapore.

One may consider the free breakfast as an incentive for early birds or an outright temptation. Regardless of how one wishes to define it, the fact is a free breakfast for reaching office early has proven to be beneficial in many ways and not just for the company but also for the employees and the city.

Stats ChipPAC, a manufacturing firm, decided to offer free breakfast to the first hundred employees to show up at work by half past seven. The usual reporting time is eight. The free breakfast was simple enough, two half boiled eggs, toast and tea or coffee. According to customer service manager Tony Tey, the proposition was an instant hit with the employees. He started turning up at work by quarter past seven instead of eight and relished the free breakfast. In a few weeks, he found himself arriving after the first hundred employees despite no change in his timing. While this may be saddening for some, Tony Tey reports that the shift in his timing has changed his perception to the morning hours.

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Mr. Tey says that arriving early allowed him to get straight up to his office without having to queue up for the elevator. He could avoid the rush hour traffic and he found the train rides more comfortable. He manages to check into his emails earlier than usual and finishes responding to most of them even before the workday starts. A free breakfast that encouraged him to report to work early made his morning ride more convenient, he got a head start at work and he could finish the day reasonably early to have a good few hours every evening for himself and his family.

Mr. Tey’s account is similar to hundreds of stories that have been reported widely in the press over the last few years. Many companies have now expanded their capacities and are serving healthy breakfasts including fruits and yogurts to everyone who turns up before a certain time. The resulting influx of workforces into their offices before the peak hour rush is also helping the government to achieve its objective. For years now, transport authorities and many civic departments have tried to encourage people to report early to work so the peak hour traffic becomes more manageable. Free breakfast, designed as an incentive to help the company, has actually helped the government objective.

Experiences of employees at firms such as PKF Singapore, Edmund Tie & Company, Ong Choon Fah, One Raffles Quay and Ernst & Young Solutions have been similar. Some people hold training sessions and beginning of day meetings over free breakfast. Many employees work out at the office gym, take a shower and some rest while enjoying the free breakfast before starting work. Most people who have flexible hours turn up early, have their free breakfast, finish their day early and go back home before the evening rush hour kicks in.

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