The JEE examination date is approaching steadily, and we are sure, you must be feeling nervous and excited. You must have embarked on the journey to equip yourself with the best knowledge, necessary to crack the JEE Advanced exam. But you must remember that you compete against the best to secure a seat in the most coveted education institutions of India.

After your JEE Mains, the jee advanced 2018 will be open. But your preparation should begin right now without any delay. In the journey of your preparation, mistakes are bound to happen. Thus, we have mentioned common mistakes that candidates make, and which should be avoided while preparing for JEE Advanced 2018.

Ignoring Basics & Fundamentals

Without a solid foundation, the structure will not be able toendure for a long duration. Thus, you should clarify concepts, basics, and fundamentals before proceeding with the advanced preparation. When your fundamentals are clear, you will be able to solve questions quickly and with accuracy. In an attempt to complete the syllabus, don’t ignore the basics, otherwise, you will repent later.

Relying on Coaching Institutes

Coaching institutes are reliable mediums of imparting guidance to the candidates. But, it is often difficult to decipher the credibility of an institute. Most of the coaching centers are nothing but a business model. Therefore, instead of falling into a trap, analyze the authority of the institute, and then accept their methodologies.

Further, you don’t need to rely on coaching institutes for complete preparation. Nobody is willing to spoon feed you. You should assume the responsibility and prepare diligently for the exam.

Inconsistent Study Plans

You studied religiously for two days, and then you went out for spending a weekend with your friends. If you can relate with this, you are on the wrong track. To be very frank, you will not taste success in JEE Advanced 2018, if you don’t have a study plan. More than that, you should adhere to the schedule, complete your syllabus on time, and be consistent with the time.

Reference to Multiple Books

Too many cooks spoil the broth. The saying is applicable in this case as well. Instead of referring to multiple books for a single subject, stick to a single source that covers complete syllabus in an elaborative manner. If you refer multiple books, you will get confused and will waste your time studying thesame thing from different resources. Instead of doing this, revise multiple times from a single reliable source.

Avoiding Mock Tests

After completing the syllabus, proceed with the mock tests. The tests will give you an insight into the JEE Advanced pattern, type of questions, time management, and so on. After appearing for a mock test, analyze your performance, and practice the questions asked in the mock test. To achieve an impressive AIR in JEE, we advise you to give numerous mock tests before JEE Advanced.

Improper Diet & Schedule

Your preparation can go for a toss if your health deteriorates. Thus, you should consume optimum calories and nutrients to immune yourself from diseases and lethargy. Avoid eating fried food and simple carbohydrates. Go for raw food such as fruits, nuts, salad, juices, and so on.

Studying late at night will disturb your day’s schedule and you will feel lethargic and stressed during the day. Avoid staying awake late at night, and try to wake up early in the morning. 

Lack of Physical Activity

Physical exercises such as running, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc keep you fit and functional. The body will flush out free radicals from your body, thus, keeping it healthy. Moreover, your concentration will increase. You will feel active and positive. Exercise will keep body fat levels in check, thus, reducing lethargy and procrastination.