Nowadays you can find a lot of really useful training videos on YouTube, ranging from motivational talks to how-to guides, tutorials and so on. However if you want to use these videos and learn from them it may not be convenient to always have to be online to watch them.

That is why it helps to be able to ‘rip’ YouTube videos and save them on your hard drive. Although YouTube itself doesn’t have a way for you to save its videos, using Movavi Screen Recorder will let you sidestep that by just recording the video you want from your screen.

To rip YouTube video in this fashion is actually a lot easier than it sounds, and if you already have a YouTube training video open you could start right now. Just launch Movavi Screen Recorder then click and drag your mouse cursor to draw a frame over the training video on your screen.

If you want you can adjust the frame that you’ve drawn so that it fits properly, or use one of the presets in the list under ‘Capture Area’ when the interface appears. On the interface you should also check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted (or click on it if not) so that Movavi Screen Recorder also records the audio from the YouTube training video. It is possible to automate the recording as well by clicking on the ‘alarm clock’ icon.

Assuming everything checks out, you can then press the ‘REC’ button to get the recording underway and play the YouTube training video when you do. After the video is over, click ‘Stop’ and Movavi Screen Recorder will save the video as an MKV video file and open up a preview window for you to review it.

It is worth noting that aside from going over the recording, you can also trim out any unwanted parts with the tools in Movavi Screen Recorder’s preview window. Additionally you could click ‘Save As’ to save the video in a different format, or after you’ve made any changes to it.

That should cover everything you need to know to save any YouTube training videos that you find useful. If you want you could adjust some of the other recording parameters and set the frame rate, adjust the sound levels, or capture keyboard and mouse actions. In this case you don’t really have to use those features however.

Seeing as it is so easy to rip YouTube training videos with Movavi Screen Recorder, you should make it a point to try it out. It may take you a minute or two the first time you do, but after that you will be able to set it up much more quickly.