It’s amazing to see how many people have been able to find financial relief through alternative funding methods such as crowdfunding. The popularity of a certain type of crowdfunding can tell you so much about what people are struggling with, the troubles they’re facing, and the need of the hour. While most fundraising india websites encourage online fundraising for any and every cause, it is the medical campaigns that usually gain momentum. This means that people are in severe need of financial help when it comes to medical treatments. You could say that this shows us the gaps in our healthcare system that need to be addressed. Impact Guru is proud to have been able to save lives by providing a platform for a fundraising india, to raise money in times of financial troubles. That said; we do still realize that there’s a long way to go, and a lot more scope for improvement.

In a mission to ensure that online fundraising is accessible to more families who are facing financial difficulties relating to medical care, we’d like to include the most important link of the chain – the doctors and medical practitioners.

If there’s anyone who really and truly understands the predicament of a family who has a loved one suffering from diseases, it’s the doctors. They understand the medical aspect, the emotional aspect, and most importantly, the financial aspect. The reason we emphasize on the financial aspect isn’t because we are a fundraising platform, but because we realize the number of people who have lost their lives because of having to forego treatments due to lack of funds.

The fact remains that our population is too large, and majority have little or no access to quality medical care. Moreover, most people even in an urban setup are unable to afford basic medical insurance, let alone getting loans. With serious diseases and illness such as cancer, even medical insurance is often in sufficient.

Then comes the endless cycle of borrowing from friends and family, and staying indebted to them forever. Else, getting a loan against personal assets such as homes, businesses, and jewellry, which people end up losing, if they can’t repay in time. The biggest victims here are people living in remote areas, where occurrence of diseases is much higher owing to lack of sanitation facilities, clean water supply, limited hospitals and clinics, and little awareness.

Last year, Impact Guru ran a ‘Doctors for Good’ program, to educate more doctors and medical practitioners about the beauty of online fundraising and how a fundraising india has the potential to save lives. If every doctor recommends crowdfunding to their patients from low-income groups, one and only imagine how many lives can be saved just by ensuring they afford treatment. We hope to continue these efforts, but your support is vital to our success. If this is a cause that you are interested to take up, please raise funds for all operational / executional expenses of educating doctors about crowdfunding, on Impact Guru. Our team is dedicated to this cause, and hope that your support may help us save more lives.